Artist Creates Pics Nailing on Burning Issues of this World and These are Hell True


This world is full of issues, problems and surprises. There are so many issues anyone would hardly solve them. The rich are getting richer while the poor don’t even have enough to feed their children. And here the artist has captured all the burning and most important issues in these photos. They are really thought provoking and reveal how this world looks when we ignore people around.

Dark Side of Technology: And this is only the beginning. One day, the screen will be in your eyes and the speakers in your ears. Everyone is in pain and the technology has made us slaves to our own creations. 

This is everything we are eating nowadays! The lens of our perception will always be from which view is prominent. I see that our society is eating garbage and thus is the culprit for obesity and many other diseases today. He’s happy because ignorance is bliss!