An Artist Imagine How Disney Characters Would Look Like In Real Life

We are big fans of Disney couples or characters. Over time, Famous Disney Princesses have been cast into plenty of new roles to modern women. But what they look like as real people? We are really like to spread the love everywhere, one artist grabs our attention, in ongoing series entitled, ‘Real life Disney’, Finnish graphic designer Jirka Väätäinen who has reimagined Disney royalty by bringing them a little closer to our world, though looking like this, we have no doubt they had rule over our state too. Here are your real Disney characters reimagined as real-life people.

1.  Alice

Alice totally blank expressions make us surprise that how she really gets to Wonderland in real life. 

2. Anna

 In the real world, as it is, Anna has to deal with coming after her big sister and dealing with all the comparisons. Here we go with the all her comparisons.