This Artist Transforms Stretch Marks into Stunning Works of Art

Artist Cinta Tort Cartró paints women’s stretch marks in rainbow colors to promote self-love. Accepting and eventually loving your body can be a difficult journey. It doesn’t help when all we see are images of perfectly air-brushed bodies devoid of marks, scars, wrinkles, and sagging flesh. But an artist in Barcelona is trying to change all of that because she believes all bodies are beautiful and worth celebrating.

Instead of finding ways to hide stretch marks on the women she photographs, she wants to highlight them in the most lovely way. She’s been painting women’s so-called “flaws” in rainbow colors to show off how gorgeous they are. The photos are posted on Instagram and they’re stunning.

An artist from Barcelona has something quite interesting and unique for the people. She is interested in painting stretches on women’s body with beautiful colors. She believes that all human bodies must look beautiful and her inspiration is inspiring more people on the internet and social media. 

She uses amazing color combinations to highlight the stretches in the most lovely way. She shares all these photos on her Instagram account where you guys can check. People are impressed the way she makes human body look gorgeous by using rainbow colors.