An Asteroid to hit earth on Feb 16, 2017 and Will Wipe out the whole population


This is not a science fiction story of any film but a reality. The astronomers believe that an asteroid is on the way to hit earth this year in February. With such limited time, everyone is freaked to figure out what to do. But the discovery by NASA is really encouraging and thanks to them as well.

The initial reports say an object somewhere between an asteroid and comet has been spotted heading towards Earth. The object is named as 2016 WF9 and was first detected in 2016 by the space agency’s NEOWISE mission.


But the great thing is NASA believes it will not hit Earth rather they say it will pass 32 million miles away from our planet on February 25, 2017. NASA report reads: “The object is not a threat to Earth and foreseeable future”.

But problem comes here. There is another man who thinks that the asteroid will hit Earth and cause havoc. It will destroy the whole population. Dr.  Dyomin Damir Zakharovich, a self-proclaimed Russian astronomer, predicts that the object is actually going to hit Earth on February 16, 2017. And if it happens, it will wipe out a large population leaving millions of people dead with massive destruction of cities and homes.


The Russian astronomer further added in the prediction that this object that NASA named 2016 WF9 left Nibiru system in October 2016. NASA knows that it will hot Earth but they have told people just now. We are all in peril as if it hits Earth, we might not be living to see the colossal destruction of cities and people.

If this Russian astronomer is right in what he predicted, brace yourself as we have very limited time. Complete everything because tomorrow is the day, February 16 he predicted for destruction.