Athletes Who Won Medals As Well As Our Hearts at Winter’s Special Olympics


The winter Olympics 2017 kickstarted on 17th march and we all were glued to our screens. Athletes from all over the world competed against each other in a sporting manner. However, these athletes didn’t just compete but they truly enjoyed participating. We enjoyed just as much as they did. Looking at their glowing happy faces made us happy and thankful. Some of the participants captured our attention even more than the others. 

  1. Lucas Houk USA- (Gold Medal)

(Nordic Skiing, Men’s 5K Cross Country Freestyle)

Lucas Houk, a resident of Maryland loves to Ski. He has been skiing since he was four years old. What he did at the winter Olympics shocked people everywhere. He won gold the gold medal by finishing one minute earlier! his eerie smile and sweet victory are indeed heart capturing. 


2. Asmaa Naser Eddin ( Syria- Silver Medal)

(Snow Shoeing, 25M race)

Asmaa is the athlete who brought hope and courage to the games. She lives in Syria and her training is quite difficult considering the present condition of the country. However, she worked hard and won a silver medal.Furthermore, she dedicated her medal to her mother. Since her victory coincided with Syrian Mother’s day.