6 Photos Show What Actually Happens In The Girls’ Bathrooms

Women are often asked why they need to go to the bathroom in packs, which is typically met with a “We just DO” kind of response. It has remained a mystery until now. The fact is bathrooms are not actually sacred spaces—we just need to get away from you all somehow, so that’s where we seek refuge. Is that so crazy? Here are few things that will 100% happens in a Girl’s bathroom.  

1. Makeup Applications

You need your friends to go to the bathroom with you so you can borrow their makeup and they can tell you if your hair looks good or not. The bathroom is the number one place we go to get the down low on our latest attraction.

2. Selfies

Bathrooms have big mirrors, where you get to look at yourself on your phone, while you are taking the picture with the higher quality camera on the back of the phone… or you are using a phone that doesn’t have a forward-facing camera. It is also a time where a woman is often barely clothed, so that she can show off her body without being nude… or just after she has finished getting ready to go somewhere and she believes she looks really good… and wants to get the picture of herself before the events of the evening ruin hours of preparation.