A Bitterly Disappointing Birthday Had Blossomed Into The Best Party Ever


There are two days in the calendar year and these two days are most awaited days for million of children around the world,The first day is Christmas Day and the another one is their Birthday. Oftenly early birthday parties make up the bulk of our happy childhood; there’s fun games, there’s cake, presents and in theory. We’re surrounded by all of our closest friends and family on a day where we take another tiny step towards adulthood.

26-year-old Candy Butchers from Melbourne, Australia, a birthday party was the perfect opportunity to show her appreciation for her daughter Rhianna, who was turning nine. Rhianna, who is also autistic, she dont have any friend to invite, but Candy invited her own adult friends before encouraging them to bring their children.

Rhianna was delighted to have her very own birthday party, excitedly begins the count down the days until the celebrations,but as the birthday arrived, Rhianna’s big day was set to be tumbledown.


Candy disclosed that she just wanted to do something lovely for her daughter after a tough childhood so far. “Rhianna is autistic, she’s high functioning but she doesn’t get the social cues. She gets bullied a lot and didn’t have any friends to invite. I invited my friends and their children.” Candy invited 25 people to attend Rhianna’s ninth birthday party, and 10 people agreed to join the celebrations. But on the morning of the party, disaster struck. Candy had stayed up all night with her husband Adam in order for creating a perfect party environment, but the 25 people she invited out of which ten people who had agreed to come called to say that they wouldn’t be attending. Rhianna had nobody to celebrate her birthday with.