This Bride Planned Her Best Friend’s Proposal at Her Own Wedding and She was Stunned

There have not been many examples when a bride sacrifices her special day for the best friend. But this story is super cute where an awesome bride planned her best friend’s proposal on her wedding day. When she found it out, she was stunned and started crying with happiness. 

Jess Nakrayko and Jessica Kiely are best friends for years. Nakrayko decided to organize her wedding in April. She invited her 45 friends including Jessica too. It turned quite shocking for Nakrayko’s best friend when she planned her proposal with Jessica’s boyfriend. Here are the further details. 

Nakrayko and Adam got married in Jamaica in April this year. Her all best friends joined her on this special day. Nakrayko said that Jessica had done a lot for her wedding and she handling all the work. 

But Nakrayko was planning something different to surprise her best friend. Everyone was present and it was a day that was going to be special for both the friend. Nakrayko had talked to Jessica’s boyfriend. He said, Jessica, had been busy in preparations of your wedding and had not thought about it.