Dad Cries When Soldier Son Sends Birthday Message, Then His Real Gift Walks In The Door


Celebrating birthday is a joyful activity for the young people, when you turn 50, you may feel less spark and electricity to celebrate your birthday. Celebrating silver Jubilee and Golden Jubilee is a milestone however, but ever birthday is a blessing indeed. However, we have to remember that every birthday is a blessing no matter how unglamorous aging may seem to the naked eye.

Living for 50 years is an achievement indeed because you have lived through half a century in this world. There are many battles that come your way during this period, you achieve goals whether big or small; when you finally turn 50 years old, then your whole family gets delighted and surrounds you with loving arms.

This moment of joy with your supporting family makes it a time to remember till the end of your life.When this dad in the picture was celebrating his 50th birthday, he was having a time of his life with his family. But there was one extremely important person missing from the family in a room full of steamers and banners.

This family member was his son who was performing his duty in the army.

He received a video message from his loving son, he sat on a chair to watch a video message from his boy, and his face was filled with happiness and sadness both.

He was happy because he was able to see his son on his 50th birthday and sad because he was not able to give him a big hug on this special day. The son was intelligence enough to guess that his burly dad would be shedding tears in his loving memory, his guess was perfect.

This man could not get a few hours with his brave son on his 50th birthday.  He means the word to him , he felt him walking through the door and embracing him.