Difference Between Love & Lust: 6 Points Demonstrate it Very Well


When people get into relationships, they believe they are in love. The confusion is natural as many can’t figure out the difference between love and lust. We have these 6 points to make it clear and find out what kind of relationship you are in.

From the experiences and so many stories of the people, we have a formula to spot love and lust. Love is pure and it comes without any conditions while in lust you expect a lot and most of the demands are hard to be agreed. 

Let’s check out the difference of love between lust.

A relationship without love and affection is called lust. When you are in love, your relationship is likely to last longer than the short-lived experiences of lust.

In love everything is beautiful and both the partners show it at all. In lust, only the physical appearances and attributes are attractive.