Have you ever think why you are always tired? Feeling sleepy isn’t just about you getting enough sleep. If you’re always sleep you’re getting, it could be that you’re simply not getting quality sleep. If you’re always tired and cant figure out why, its likely you’re missing out on the restorative deep sleep that your body needs. Eight reasons which makes you feel fatigue along with the solution about how to fight with tiredness and energies your bodies and stay fit energetic, take quality sleep and healthy.

Your Food Possibly Will Convention A Nip

If you are not taking throughout your day enough of combo of protein, healthy fat and fiber which provides lasting energy so your food makes you tired if you’re not taking proper food.

The solution: Combination of protein (eggs, beans lean meat) healthy fat (avocado, nuts and olives) and crabs (vegetables, fruits and whole grains) at your each meal.


You Are A Girl With A Tough Of Half Empty Glass

Another name of exhaustion is pessimism said by Michele Gielan, originator of Applied Positive Research and author of broadcasting happiness. “Pessimists” don’t have faith in their behavior matters in a challenging situation which is a devastating thought which make them very far from positivity and make them feel demotivated to take constructive action. Contrary optimist believes positive things to happen and hope their actions is essential to the success.

Gielan said that “having hopes for good things to happen generates positive energy”. According to research at University at Pennsylvania study confirm that optimistic sales professional overtake their pessimistic counterparts by 37%

The solution: Involve yourself in a habit of creative problem solving identify an optimistic solution for the problem. Gielan suggest make a list of a things we are thankful and grateful for ahead of a workout or a project can turn our brain into a more enthusiastic state.