Everyone can Paint with Paints, but there Is a New Artist In Town With A Unique Method


We all have our cupboards full of denim of all sorts. There are some old pairs we can’t seem to get rid of thanks to our weird emotional bond. And some skin tight formals that we hate irrevocably but endure just because we look good in them. As much as we fail to admit we all have heaps of jeans covering 50% of our space. One young Artist from Sweden decided to put each and every one of his useless denim to use in a unique way.

Ian Berry, a young artist successfully put his denim to good use, he became the first ever artist to work with denim. His artwork comprises of portraits and landscapes all made from various patterns of denim.

His intricate detailing and gradient overlay of various shades of denim helps his artwork to appear as a product of paint.Therefore, making him an influential artist of the modern era.