A Father and his Daughter Surprised Guests with Their Wedding Dance


A newlywed bride and her father shocked guests at a wedding by breaking away from their mind blowing dance.

A girl wedding dance with her father is one of the most touching and memorable moments of the special day. But this father and daughter simply entranced all the guests with their performance.

Michelle Ellison who performed the dance with her father said that, “The most wonderful thing about it was seeing how happy my dad was, “My dream came true”!

Michelle said that, I’m the oldest and the only girl so that was my dad’s only chance to do something like this.

Look at the content below to watch the special dance and some mind blowing photographs of Dad-Daughter dance.

The Father and Daughter Captured while Busting a Move on the Dance Floor Together 

Michelle Ellison Phillips and Her Father Nathan Ellison, Danced In front of 400 Wedding Guests