Father’s Racist Rant After Daughter Went to Prom With Black Boyfriend Makes People Sick to Their Stomachs


A recent text message conversation between a teen and her dad shows racism is still alive in America and people can’t help it when some freaks get their racist hearts out. Anna Hayes is a teen from Lake Village, Arkansas and a week before she took her black friend Philip Freeman to a prom date and it didn’t end well. She shared photos of on social media and soon after her post, her dad started showing his anger and racism. 

Anna doesn’t live with her dad and when her dad saw the photos of prom with the black friend, Philip Freeman, he went angry and sent her a tirade of racist and sexist text messages telling her that he was disowning her would not attend her graduation. This broke Anna’s heart and he replied to her dad she was not doing anything wrong. She also wrote, “I went to prom with a black guy so that’s a problem- racist much”. 

Anna Hayes took her friend Philip Freeman, who appears to be black, to prom and her dad didn’t like it. Unlike other fathers, he sent her offensive, racist and sexist text messages using abusive language for both. 

He had to say they are done. He will not be coming to her graduation and will not pay her college fee either. He wrote as well “You are dead to me and don’t even try to contact me again. I am canceling your phone”.