Girl Was Trying to Give a Homeless Man Food & Water But He Wanted to Lick Her P*ssy Instead

Feeding homeless people is really a great service. If you have enough resources, food or money never hesitate to help such people and people do as well. But what made the whole internet and social media angry was a story of a homeless man. The video is going viral, where a super hot girl was trying to give a homeless man food and water but he wanted to lick her pussy instead. 

People on the internet and social media are not happy with what this man did. She came to help him but he wanted something she felt ashamed of. In the video, you can see as soon as he asks her the stupid thing, she moves away. Indeed, this man hurt her a lot. But what surprised us, some people on social media were having the same views too. The girl looks pretty beautiful and she has big round butts. But that doesn’t mean you start asking for such weird things. 

Here below in the photo, you can see a girl giving food to a homeless man. We have no information where this all happened but the video is going viral and we have also included the video at the end. 

As she gave him food and water, he had quite a stupid demand. As the video went viral, people started bashing the man. Many were those who believed this man is a rapist. When you don’t have food to eat to your fill and someone offer you food, you must respect them instead of asking to lick their pussy.