This Health Blogger Reveals the Reality Behind Instagram Pics and It Will Blow your Mind


Every day we see a lot of hot girls and models sharing their spectacular photos. These photos not only impress the social media users but inspire them to transform their bodies like them. Really, the hot booties are taking over Instagram. But a health blogger is planning something different and she wants people to not believe everything they see online.

This 20-year-old Finish blogger shares her side by side photos and reveals a lot. The photos are unbelievable as a girl can’t change so much in a day or day. The side by side photos show a mind blowing difference and say a lot about what people are shown online. She had to say, “Nobody’s booty looks round and peachy from all angles”. 

Meet Sara Puhto! She is 21-year-old and is a health blogger by profession. She is trying to reveal the secrets behind Instagram photos and wants people to learn not to promote perfection. 

She writes, “Beauty starts with self-love and those ‘perfectly fit’ pics online are not what our definition of ‘beauty’ should be”. This pic shows her post where she took a dig at all the online photos showing perfection.