Husband Mistakenly Donated His Wife’s Wedding Dress But When She Found It Back,Her Reaction Was Unusual


In a woman’s life, wedding is the most important event and everything related to her big day matters a lot.

But, have you ever imagined, what happens if she loses her dream wedding dress after just a years of her marriage? Let’s explore a similar story!

Natalie Gelbert lost her wedding dress while she was donating few of her dresses for charity. 

Natalie packed her dress and put it in a bag, So she can bring it to the cleaner’s shop. Her husband mistakenly muddled up dress bag with another bag. Chad Gelbert described feeling “panicky” after he realized his mistake. He stated, “I was simply hoping we could get it,”. “She was really upset with me, but after a day or two, she was more focused on finding the dress.