This Incredible Cosplayer Transform Herself Amazingly Into Anyone.


Would not it be cool to be a shapeshifter? having the ability to be chameleonic is to change your appearance, to look like a host of your favorite celebrities or even make yourself look like some of the most colorful characters in fiction? Well for some people, that actually is their job. If you’re expected to be able resemble anytime, any person. But this is the best example of cosplayer I’ve ever clapped eyes on.

Since Alyson Tabbitha was an emergent,her mother is a professional character performer, would spend hours in designing hyper-realistic Halloween costumes which become inspiration to her to become a professional cosplayer way back in 2014, and ever since then her costumes have stunned convention-goers around the world. Alyson has an unbelievable potential to impersonate herself; after she’s donned her custom-made outfits and applied makeup and prosthetic, she looks completely unrecognizable and different. Scroll down to check out some of her most hair-raising looks.

1. Lulu in (Final Fantasy X)

2. Elizabeth Swan (Pirates of the Caribbean)