This Selfless Lady is Offering Free Flats to Grenfell Tower Victims and People Can’t Control their Emotions

We see many great examples of kindness and generosity every day and this story of a young lady is one of these. A lady is offering free flats to the victims of Grenfell Tower and anyone can live unless they figure out something about their residence. Her kind act in such time of trouble had made people respect her even more. People are calling her a beautiful lady with a lovely heart and it’s wrong as well. 

The response of the internet users and people on social media was amazing. Even a Twitter use replied to her tweet that “Nice to know that there are people out there who still practice humanity. Nice one”. This great and positive response from people has helped her accommodate maximum number of people. 

Meet Laura-Jayne Cannel, the kind lady, who is helping the victims of Grenfell Tower. She has offered that people can come and live in her studios. She has 21 free studios that people can use until they figure out something about their residence. 

She tweeted and here is the proof. People could not believe it first. They asked her how she had 21 free flats. She explained that they are student housing and empty these days. She also said the flats have kitchens and bathrooms.