Jon Snow Called Daenerys ‘Dany’ And Now People’s Happy Hearts Knew No Bounds


In the last episode of Game Of Thrones, we have seen Daenerys pretty helpless after a very long time. Everything from being sold, raped, assaulted; to be submitted as a slave, Khaleesi has endured inexpressible pains in her run through the show. Since the day she took her three dragons in arms, she’s been more powerful than ever.

But the death of Viserion in the last episode of GOT broke her heart and she felt helpless. She lost her child and Jon, being the caring, loving, and the honorable man apologized and offered his hand. Dany, who was suffering from a bad time, held his hand and the internet flipped.


The moment he called her ‘Dany’, the internet assured everyone that they are in love. According to Dany, Viserion his brother was the last one to call her with this name.


The seductive looks and the screaming chemistry was out of the world, but the lovely moments of both are not forgettable that the entire internet is unable to get enough of it.