Man Left Fuming After Bosses Tell Him to Remove His Make-Up

A man who was told to take his makeup off at work has slammed his bosses, telling them you can’t tone down a masterpiece. Scott Laplanche who has worked has Currys PC World for around nine months says, he has been wearing makeup for the whole time and has never faced any issue. He wrote in a Facebook post “Actually, quite the opposite, some managers have supported me and complimented my makeup”. 

He, however, said that as the new managers have come now, they have problems with his makeup. His post says “Earlier on in the week I came to the work as my fabulous self and was told to take off my makeup”. 

This is Scott. He was told by his bosses to take off his makeup and it fumed him. He shared on Facebook that he has been wearing makeup all the time in nine months at work and never faced any issue. But as now new bosses have come, they have issues with his makeup. 

He was shocked when they told him to remove makeup. He refused and said you can’t tone down a masterpiece. In her views, it was discrimination and no one told the female workers to tone down their make-ups. He made a point here by saying that some of the other team members have more extreme looks than this but they have not been told to remove.