Man Proposes to His Girlfriend with 14 Letters and She Never Noticed it Until She Found the Secret Message in Letters


Every passing day brings some amazing, sensational and adorable stories around this really beautiful world. Today we have a story of a man who spends 3 years and writes 14 letters to his girlfriend. Timothy and Candice met back in 2013 and lived together like friends until love began between them.

The story shows an amazing romantic relationship. Timothy started writing love letters to Candice and all the letters had a secret message. His girlfriend could not notice until she figured out what message Timothy was trying to convey through letters. All the letters had dates and the first capital letter of every note revealed the secret. When Candice came to know, she burst into tears and they got married. Let’s check this sweetest relationship story.

These love letters Timothy had sent to Candice in 3 years. Each capital letter of every note has a secret message making a very meaningful sentence if combined. 

As Timothy revealed the secret message to his girlfriend, she burst into tears and they got engaged.