Man Proposes to the Little Girl After Asking Her Mom to Marry Him

It all seems like a dream if a single mother is proposed by a man who not only loves her but wants to be the unconditional daddy of her daughter as well. This man in the photos has proposed the little girl after he asked her mom to marry him. It’s really an amazing and heart warming story. It’s like a fairy tale and the women could not believe she found a man like him.

Grant Tribbet and Cassandra Rescher started dating some time ago. Grant knew that Rescher was a single mom and she had a daughter. You might be wondering why this guy included her five-year-old daughter in the proposal. Grant had to say he was impressed of Rescher, her look and her qualities captured his heart so he though it will be a pleasant surprise to include her daughter in the proposal.

Meet Grant Tribbet, Cassandra Rescher, and the Rescher’s five-year-old daughter Adriana. Grant proposed Rescher and asked her to marry him. Once he proposed the single mom, he went on his knees to ask the little daughter would she like him to be her dad.

They have been dating for quite some time and Grant was impressed of Rescher. He wanted to propose her and start a new happy life together.