Man from Singapore Sleeps with 57 Women in 24 Hours and the Internet Compares him with Legendary Johnny Sins

In order to break a long lasting world record, a man from Singapore had intercourse with 57 women in 24 hours. According to the reports, man has not been named yet but he talked to reporters and told the story. He was preparing for it for many months and had gone through hard training to break the previous record of sleeping with 55 women. 

The man broke this record in a Prague’s event run by the local brothel. He said “I have always been a sex addict and when I came to know about the event, I thought to give it a try. I took it seriously, worked on it and prepared like an athlete would do for a marathon.”

A man from Singapore has broken the world record of sleeping with the most number of women in 24 hours. He slept with 57 women in a time span of 24 hours and broke the previous record of sleeping with 55 women. 

He prepared for it like an athlete does for the marathon. He said he’s a sex addict and wanted to give it a try when he found out that Prague was holding an event. The participants were not allowed to take any medicines for an erection and even had to pass a test for being clean.