Meet This Woman Who Is Addicted To Exercise And Works Out 8 Hours Daily


This essential component for longevity and a health lifestyle is “Exercise”. But just like with everything else, exercise should be in a balance. Too little exercise will be insufficient while too much exercise will be bad for you. So, how much is too much and how little is too little? for a beginner, any sort of consistent, maintainable regimen is optimal. For example, if going twice a week is maintainable and you can do it consistently for 3 or 4 months, then so be it. If you go 4 or 5 times a week to the gym and only do it for the first two weeks, then that’s simply its not optimal and not manageable.

But how much is too much? You can’t perhaps be burning too many calories,isn’t right? To find out more about Erin’s story and how over-training and excessive exercise had a negative impact on her, Read on.


Erin is a blazon self-addict. She is addicted to exercise. She exercises approximately 8 hours a daily by spin class, running, the elliptical and also weight training.

she said in an interview that she ‘never gets tired, “I don’t get sore, I’ll cancel plans, I’ll cancel appointments. It’s been controlling my life, I just can’t stop.’ Since the age of 7, Erin has been a aggressive gymnast.