Mom Dresses Her Daughter in Food & Flowers and Becomes Internet Star

When most of the parents advise their kids to not play with their food, there is a daughter whose mom thinks it’s a part of their fun. Alya Chaglar has a daughter and her name is Stefani. Ayla dresses her daughter using vegetables, flowers, and fruit and the resulting photos are artistic, cheeky and adorable simultaneously. 

The photos of these dresses have made Stefani an internet star. She has an Instagram account where we collected these photos from. She has more than 22K followers and she is getting more popular with every passing day. Here are the photos! 

This is Stefani and she has become an internet star soon after her mom started dressing her in vegetables, fruit, and flowers. Her photos are adorable and people are in love with the creativity of her mom. 

Stefani’s mom uses the power of perspective and she holds the pieces of fruit and vegetables at just the right distance and position so that they appear to cover Stefani as glamorous dresses and skirts. 

This latest one is so adorable and people are in love with these photos of Stefani. She is getting all the fame and all the credits go to her mom for her wonderful work.