A Mother From Florida Shatters Breastfeeding Taboos With A Bold And Creative Shoot, And A Lovely Message


A mother would cross every limit to protect their little ones, shelter them from the evils of the world and shower them with immense amounts of love. That’s how moms are. And motherhood is a beautiful and inexplicable feeling. But why do people still raise their eyebrows upon seeing a mom breastfeeding her child? What’s so unnatural about the process? I think nothing. People are going that extra mile to shatter the taboo around breastfeeding and embrace it. 


The Venezuelan photographer‘s photo of a Florida mother “Yaky Di Roma” breastfeeding her son, 3-year-old Hans, while dressed as Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty is going viral.

She posted her photo on Facebook and people are wowing at it. But some asked her why is she still nursing her three-year-old? That has a very touching story behind it.