This Mother With So Much Tanning That Her Before And After Pictures Will Definitely Make You Think Twice


Its an obsession of almost every people to look nice and glowing.Tan specifically in the period of summer. I get it though totally , having a tan means wearing less bronzer and looking way leaner in a bathing suit. The obsession is beyond the understanding.

Still lots od people are not willing to accept it, being under the sun isn’t good for your skin. Plain and simple. A lot of us leave the sunscreen at home so they get that tan. They don’t even mind burning in the moment.

The main concern of this mother is Skin cancer and its her mission to make people see the reality of skin cancer. She did this through a photo diary that documented her battle with melanoma. The photos are a serious wake-up call.


In 2015,during the pregnancy with her child, Bethany Gambardella,39,found a dark spot on her skin . She thought it was just a hormonal change.


After 18 months, a painful mole appeared and a biopsy showed that it was actually an aggressive form of skin cancer called desmoplastic melanoma.