This Mother Reacts To Being Bullied For Her “Inappropriate” Dress When Picking Up Kids


As repeatedly we have seen,that the modern mothers can face pressure which is nearly peerless.To their little ones,they are expected to be un-waveringly nurturing but also to have their own aims or careers aside from their Children.Consistently they are told to keep up with their looks but mustn’t try too hard, or else they risk being told they aren’t dressing for their age. Nearly It’s a impossible battle to win, recently one mother from Sydney, Australia had to learn.

Bella Vrondos who is a proud mother to nine-year-old Alyssa, eight-year-old Kiera, and six-year-old Connor, but lots of her critics on social media care more about her other job: being a model and boutique owner. With Kim Kardashian as her main style guru, Bella’s criticism derives from her love of body con dresses, fake tanner, and Instagram-worthy Bella says she has received huge criticism from many other mothers for the way she looks and dresses, and it has all recently come to a head when she posted a photo in front of their school with her Children.

“On social media I posted a photo of mine with my kids at school with their awards and the photo went viral because apparently for school the way I was dressed was inappropriate ,” Bella said of the photo. “People were commenting saying I had my boobs out and shouldn’t have worn that dress.”