This Mother Shares Heartbreaking Warning After A Death Of Newborn Daughter From A Kiss


In the lives of Nicole and Shane Sifrit’s. It should have been the happiest time . The Iowa couple were deeply in love, had just welcomed their baby daughter Mariana into the world and were about to get married.

But things went horrifying when two hours later exchanging their vows, the new parents observed that only one-week-old Mariana wasn’t eating and wouldn’t reacts when they tried to wake her up. Leaving their wedding early.

The newly weds their newborn to Blank Children’s Hospital in Des Moines, but would have never imagined that their baby girl would never come home.

Shane told to local news station WHO TV: “It immediately went downhill from there. Within two hours she had quit breathing and all of her organs just started to fail.”

Responding quickly, doctors immediately diagnosed the poorly baby girl with a life-threatening virus called Meningitis HSV1, but in the end, not even they could save her. Despite multiple blood transfusions,Mariana’s kidneys stopped working and her liver stopped functioning properly,causing bleeding internally. She tragically passed away at only 18 days old.