The Mystery Of Bermuda Triangle Has Been Solved


The Bermuda Triangle has puzzled and confused people for a very long time due to the many aviation and naval accidents that have happened in the space between Puerto Rico, Florida, and Bermuda. It has been expected that this region is the reason for the disappearance of at least 75 planes and ships.

Over the years few of the reason have been terrified around . Some of these include electromagnetic Interference, paranormal activity, bad weather, the gulf stream and also large amounts of methane under the sea.

Nevertheless more recently, a scientist has come out and said that in fact there is no mystery surrounding the Bermuda Triangle.


Karl Kruszelnicki a science communicator out of Australia said that the number of vessel and aircraft disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle is the same as anywhere else in the world on a percentage basis.


Further he said: ‘It is close to the equator near a wealthy part of the world, America, therefore you have a lot of traffic.’