Normal People Who Scored Dates With Celebrities Through Social Media


Well many of us daydream about meeting for our favorite celebrities in person, it can seem impossible. If only our endless tweets, facebook like and youtube videos could somehow win their hearts. Well, while it’s a long shot, it’s one that many regular people have made.

Today we’ll discuss 5 Normal people who scored dates with celebrities through social media:

1.Eugenie Bouchard

Eugenie Bouchard is a Canadian tennis player who was also spent time modeling for sports and she was one of the massive numbers people to underestimate the new England patriots. In 2017 super bowl against Atlanta Falcons. She was so sure of their defeat that she made a bet with 20 years old university of  Missouri John Goehrke via Twiter. When she tweeted that she was confident in a falcon’s victory. Goehrke asked if the tennis star would go on a date with him if they lost. She agreed and the patriots pulled off arguably the greatest comeback in a super bowl history. Good to her words, Bouchard flew Goehrke to NewYork to watch a Brooklyn nets game with her. the two planned to share a smooch during the kiss cam but were too busy filling up on a beef slider and froyo at the VIP buffet. Depending on what toppings they had, this was either a good move or missed opportunity but neither of them seemed to heartbroken over it.  

2.Ronda Rousey

Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with people in your life but to some people but to some people it’s also a way to expand your social circle or enhance your dating life. North Carolina marine Jarrod Haschert decided to shoot for stars when it came to finding a date for his marine corps ball and via facebook, he asked Ronda Rousey to accompany him to the ball. He posted a video admitting that she is his celebrity crush and pleading with her to be his date and it actually worked. Rousey replied that would go with him, but was vague on the details, leaving everyone wondering if she would actually go through with it but luckily for him, Hatcher wasn’t stood up at the ball. Rousey showed up and confessed that it gave her good reason to get out of te house after her epic defeat against Holly Holm.