Parents Realize That Their Daughter Is Sending Her Dark Messages By Scary Illustration.


Sadly we still live in a world today where people have authority to harm kids,people take this power to abuse it completely. Stories is far too common about vicars abusing their power and molesting young children . Netflix has even released a show “The Keepers” which shows the reality of this issue.

They say that a show is worth a thousand words and for one family in Brazil their little girl’s drawing contained a hidden message. It was this message that forced them to experience the trauma mentioned above. The picture portrayed a painful experience that the family’s church had forced her to experience.


Once the girl’s father find out the message contained in her drawing, he decided to confront the priest and didn’t expect what happened next.


The Priest father Joao de Silva, didn’t even try to cover up his actions in any way and ended up totally confessing to his actions.