She Parks Her Car Overnight, And Comes Back To Find A Note From Stranger


Everyone agrees drunk driving is not an act that should be encouraged; it is both dangerous for the driver and every other road user. Under the influence of alcohol, it is hard to tell what might happen to the person and anyone they come across.

Millions have been killed in accidents in accidents related to drunk driving, many people are aware of the consequences of drinking and driving, but it cannot be emphasized enough for everyone.

Many people have admitted to driving under the influence of alcohol at one point in their lives. In a 2012 poll, statistics from the poll gathered that about 29.1 million people admitted to driving under the influence of alcohol. It was estimated at one point that 1 in every ten arrests made in the United State is related to a case of driving under influence (DUI).

An estimate of 275,000 people was recorded to be injured in alcohol-related road accidents in as at 2003, while an estimate of the fatalities by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration concluded that 17,941 people died as a result of alcohol related incident. With this high number of casualties and punishment made available by the law for offenders and repeated offenders, many feel it necessary to set aside their better judgment to avoid driving when they know they might be a danger to themselves and other road users. Huge fines and a 72 hour jail time for a first time offender is the penalty for DUIs in the state of Ohio, this is termed an alcohol education 72-hour program.

In the end, it is in the hands of the driver to determine if he is fit for making reasonable decisions while on the road, which is a dangerous decision in itself because being drunk means losing your better judgment for most people. Many people will still convince themselves that they are way more aware and capable of driving than they are.

One woman stood out for her good judgment as she knew she was too inebriated to drive herself home from the restaurant she went to. She left her car in the parking lot of the restaurant that night. Although she knew she was not that significantly drunk, she decided to act responsibly and not get behind the wheel.

The woman, Paula Grzelak-Schultz came back there several days later to claim her car, which she parked at the front of the restaurant in Alberta, Canada. On getting there, she found a note she first thought to be a parking ticket on her windshield.