People Are Freaking Out On Extravagant Maternity Shoot Of This Couple And Pictures Goes Viral


Sometimes when couples get pregnant, they decide to 26 year old Jasmine and her fiance Marcus decided to do an underwater shoot and things got incredibly extra. When the couple get pregnant sometimes they decided to take a maternity photo shoot to remember the process.Jasmine who is 26 year old with her fiance Marus this couple decided to do a photoshoot in underwater and then the things went damn extra

Marcus owns a consulting firm in Texas and Jasmine is a nurse , but honestly, they could both be models. Just have a look for yourself at what they’ve created.


The set of the photo looks like a painting and on Twitter people have been freaking out and comparing Jasmine to Beyonce

When Jasmine’s niece shared the photo of her aunt to Twitter, it quickly goes viral. Keep on reading to see the ‘extra’ photo.