People Visited $50 & $35000 Priced Hotels and Were Shocked to see the Differences


When it comes to visiting new places and making short stays, the only thing we all seek is a comfortable hotel. In every area you will find diversity in hotels, their expenses, luxuries, room decorations and other facilities. We pick the one that best suits us in terms of expenses and residential needs.

A group of three young guys visits different hotels. First they go to try a hotel of $50 per day and they were happy to see the amazing facilities and services. On the last, they paid a visit to a $35000 hotel and lived for a night. The difference was mind-blowing. When you are spending too much on just residence you definitely will be served with exceptional kind of environment, food, services and other facilities.

Last but not surely the least, what those guys liked the most is here in the video. Watch it till end and find why they liked the $50 hotel very much as compared to the other ones.