The Post Become Viral When A Woman Posted Her Husband’s Body


One of the most judgmental thing i used to hear regularly from the people they asked “what does he/she looks in him/her?” even the sensible people got embarrassed from this sort of snap judgement when they noticing the others relationships from a distance and makes weird assumption regarding who is compatible with whom?

I am not discussing the people who gossip about other on the basis of personalities when you look at two person with different personalities don’t compatible or who might even be sufferers from abusive behavior, and you got every right to call them whatever you want. But more frequently than not, people are only really worried about whether people’s looks match up. It’s as if aesthetics is all we really care about.

It’s totally ridiculous, but as a society we have a propensity to hold the opinion that there are certain stages or physical attractiveness, much like some kind of extravagant class system underlying the world of dating and relationships, and the lasting relationships can only be nurtured between those who match in terms of physical characteristics. Someone who had been arbitrarily marked as 9/10 could never go out with someone who was only 3/10. The idea would be treated as an anomaly, despite the fact that physical attractiveness is a purely subjective quality.

Instagram @a_body_positive_jazzy


In the stage of development of social media, people mostly (mainly women) have even more cause to be hyper-aware and awkwardly conscious of their appearances,  specifically when they compared with their partners. Body embarrassing trolls and throbbing comments are miserable very common when the majority of the people judges two people to be physically unlike. But this week, a brave body positive woman has hit back in contradiction of her enemies, with an inspired post that places her body and marriage.

Instagram @a_body_positive_jazzy