Read 10 Amazing ways to Achieve Immortality Right Now!


Human life as wonderful as it seems is often criticized by people for not being enough. Every day we see people taking loads of medicine, doing therapeutic exercises, meditating etc. But all of this simply makes life healthy. However, what if I told you there are other ways to achieve immortality!

Below are 10 ways written in history and believed by many that may help you become Immortal!

1. The Golden Apple

The golden apple has been a part of many ancient folklore and stories. According to one particular Greek lore, The Golden Apple was made for the Gods to give them immortality. However, Loki stole them and gave them away to giants on the earth. The Godimprisoneded Loki at which he returned them. However, it is said that one apple still remains on earth waiting to be eaten!

2.Elixir Of life

The Elixir of life is associated with European as well as Asian folklore. Everyone tried to make concoction because this elixir increased life! But sadly no one was able to since a search party disappeared in search of it. However, history saysan8th Century count was able to make it and traveled Europe under different names for decades.