Saudi king Salman On his One Month Visit to Indonesia And Asia


Saudi kingĀ Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud today began his one month visit to Indonesia and Asia with hundreds and thousands of companions. It’s a very first visit of any Saudi Monarch to Indonesia in almost 50 years. The purpose of his visit is to strengthen the economical relation with the world most populous Muslim-Majority Country.

The king landed from an official plane with an entourage of 1000 people at Jakarta Airport including Princes and Ministers and was welcomed by the President ‘Joko Widodo’ and a Guard of honor.

It’s surprising to know that almost 460 tons of equipment have been flown in for the visit, including Mercedes, limousines and escalators for the king Salman to descend from his plane. Most has been transported to the resort island of Bali, where the king is going to take a holiday after visiting Jakarta.