What Seems To Be A Wedding Dress? Put In Appearance To Be Something Else And People Are Amazed


For any bride-to-be one of the most serious concerns is probably Getting the right wedding dress . Everybody has their choices,likes and dislikes and is looking for something that captures their own uniqueness. Selection cake is also an important decision that couples make; it has to be delicious but it has to be crafted artfully and pleasant to look at.


Emma Jayne Morris designs is an absolute artist who knows absolutely how difficult it is to find a perfect dress and cake, so she decided to hit two birds with one stone.she design masterpieces and this latest one takes the cake (pun considered).She designed a cake in a shape of an actual bridal gown!

Emma got her creativity inspired by Filipino fashion designer Mak Tumang’s ‘Angela’ gown for the cake dress. Under normal circumstances, replicating a designer’s work to sell on the market would definitely be illegal.nevertheless, Morris’ work gets a pass seeing that it’s comestible and probably won’t last too long.


This dress is made for you,If you have a sweet tooth as well as an eye for high fashion couture. Sadly, you can’t actually wear the dress because it is much heavier than it looks.Firstly, the length of dress is 6 feet.Most importantly Morris used 132 pounds of fondant to create the dress as well as 110 pounds of modeling paste to add the flowers.

Instagram @emmajaynecakedesign

Emma said it takes 10 days to make the dress and she actually built it (baked it?) right inside her home. Thankfully, her front doors were wide enough so that when she accomplished her task,including her and a group of 6 other people were able to transport the dress from her home to the show.

Instagram @emmajaynecakedesign