According to a news study, the size and shape of Butts can reveal more things about the health. Some people tend to believe that fat is bad for health but this maybe not true. Actually, it all has to do where the fat is stored. If you have fat on your chest it may be a poor sign of your health, but if the fat in the butts and hips is not as scary. So in some cases having a larger buttock can be a good sign. Here are some shape of buttocks that reveals about your health.

1.  Circle-shaped

Circle-shaped butt shows a good sign of health. This shape also shows a small storage of fat in the upper part of the butt.

But it’s easy to get rid of by doing some exercise daily.

2. Square-shaped

This shape of butt shows many things. It means that person is doing an exercise but she doesn’t have a hard butt. It also might show the fat storage in the above area of the butt.

You all need to shape your butt is do a simple exercise, it can remove the unwanted fat from this area and make your muscles look better.

3. V-shaped

Old generation of women have this shape of butt, the fat from the butt area is moving towards other part of their body. This is because of the smaller concentrations of estrogen.

All you need to do some exercise and having a healthy diet. Consult a doctor. The sooner you begin to burning the fat.

4. Heart-shaped

This shape may be all women dreaming of. This butt is bigger at the bottom and become smaller as you go up towards the waist. People who have this shape of butt tend to lose fat faster than the others

This shape changes with the age and the fat will move upwards to the middle of the butt. To avoid the later life problems all you do to get rid of the extra fat as fast as possible.

Source: Borlem