Cambodian Actress is Banned from Filming New Movies for 1-Year Because She is ‘Too Sexy’


Cambodian actress Denny Kwan, 24, has been banned from movies for one year and the reason left everyone in shock. The country’s culture says she is too sexy to cast in any role. Previously, she appeared in a number of movies but now the country’s Culture and Fine Arts Ministry banned her from films because she violated the code of conduct. 

She has more than 300,000 followers on Facebook and spoke about the ban saying she didn’t play any erotic roles in her movies and there are many, more erotic actors than her when it comes to shooting, featuring kisses and being erotic. Here we have more details on the story and you can check what human right activists had to say on the ban. 

Denny Kwan who is 24 has been banned from filming new movies for one year and the reason is her too sexy look.

She has already worked in a number of movies and had to say that other actors in the country are more erotic than her in shooting and featuring kisses in movies.