Strong Determination Of This Woman To Break The Record For Biggest Hips In The World


A Woman from Pennsylvania she is 43 years old with an extreme “summer body” goal for herself to beat the record of the world’s largest hips. Currently Bobbi-Jo Westley weighs 542 lbs and her hips are a whopping 95 inches. In the matter of body goals, it’s extreme for many reasons.Typically, doctors of Bobbi-Jo’s have been urging her to stop pursuing the feat because it will kill her.

Currently The world’s largest hips belong to Mikel Ruffinelli , from Los Angeles. Her hips measure 99 inches. what you need to know is here about the journey of Bobbi-Jo Westley to break a world record:

Bobbi-Jo has amassed a large online following. Her legion of fans and followers pay her for pictures of herself, something she says she was surprised by when she first started doing it.

She told Daily Mail that she’s gone on the record to say that she’s very proud of her body in spite of what the world thinks of her: ‘My hips are what makes me unique,’ ‘It’s what makes me ‘me’’