Texts Of Dominating Mother To Daughter Go Viral And Internet Talking About It


Certainly Smartphones have made it hard for the modern teenager to lie to their parental unit about what they’re up to but one 18-year-old was having a entirely innocent evening and still was put through the ringer by her proficiently commanding mother.

Kaelyn Demmon went off to college and after she was having a movie night with her long-time friend Stevie,quickly which was interrupted by an inpouring of helicopter mom texts that were inundated in misgivings.

Still, these two friends had fun with her mom’s bossy requests. Screenshots of the conversation have gone viral by others who can relate to this text exchange all too well.

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Beginning of classic mom opener, “Where are you?” Heather was hasty to reproach her daughter of doing something wrong before even getting a reply.In spite of the answer of Kaelyn’s prompt, her mother still requested for photographic prove.

Twitter @kemiiiiiiiiiii