The Most In-Demand Celebrities’ Beauty Tricks That You Should Steal Right Now

1.Taylor Swift

So you want that red lipstick, classic thing that you like, Here is the secret: Taylor passed on a trick she learned from years of working with the makeup artist on photo shoots. ‘They put on the red lipstick, then blot it with a tissue, then they put powder over the tissue, and sort of press it onto your lips, then re-apply, it turns it into a stain that lasts much longer.’

2.Selena Gomez

So you want super shiny hair, Here is the secret: ‘Use conditioner every day’, Selena advised in an interview for Pantene. ‘Start from the roots and moisturized the roots to the end. it feels soft, which I love. its the best feeling, getting out of the shower and feeling your hair after conditioning.’