The Perks Of Being A Biophilic In This Concrete World!


Living in this modern concrete Jungle may have its tons of perks, but it is undoubtedly a poison for our soul. People have become consumed by the devilish charms of a hectic busy life since it predominantly provides for their expenses. However, according to various researchers, people are reducing their lifespan or suffering from various mental as well as physiological disorders just because they gave in!

Science has seen a lot come and go, and ironically it is directing people to go back to the old ways. People are directed to go on vacations in areas where people can truly breathe. They have discovered the importance of being close to nature for a longer and healthier life. 

There are people among us who are more inclined towards nature. A German-born American psychoanalyst used the term “Biophilia” as a genetic inclination towards nature. In more simpler words, human beings need to connect with nature. it is in their genetic makeup. Some of those tend to forget and are consumed by mental diseases such as depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorders. However, for people who are ‘Biophilic’ (loving all forms of life), here are some of the amazing benefits you experience if you spend time with nature.