This Is How Blush, Eye-shadow and Highlighter Are Made


When you apply your favorite cosmetic do you have ever stopped to wonder, how they were made? You will be surprised to learn just how many ingredients go into blush, eyeshadow, and highlighter.

Today, we are sharing how blush, eyeshadow, and highlighter are made.

Blush: The Ingredients

These dyes and colorants have to be approved by the FDA-US food and drug administration before they can be used in commercial make-up in the USA. There are fewer than 100 that are approved. However, thanks to the clever blending of the dyes, cosmetic companies can make thousands of different shades of blush. The chemist will usually use three or four pigments blended together to make one shade. You can see exactly which pigment went into your blush by looking at the label. They will be listed there with a color name and number. After year or so, the red pigment starts to breakdown so that’s when you’ll want to buy a new one. All of the different types of blush are colored with pigments and padded out with fillers but rest of their ingredients are different.You can buy blush in various forms including pressed powder, mineral baked, cream, liquid, and gel. 

Blush has been used ancient Egyptian times, so that means it can be made in pretty primitive ways. After all, when you think back to 3,000 BC, there weren’t any fancy manufacturing plants creating cosmetic lines. They made their rouge out of red fruits and vegetables which they mixed into a thick paste. 

Ancient Greeks crushed berries and seeds to make theirs. So it makes sense that we can make our homemade blush with just a few simple ingredients.