The Top Feature Leaks About Apple’s Next iPhone


Being the most valuable tech firm in the world, Apple’s products become the most waited. When it comes to its new iPhone, the die-hard fans brace themselves for the new product. Apple release its new iPhone every year and 2017 is the 10th anniversary of iPhone as well so Apple is expected to introduce truly a remarkable iPhone.

Rumors are a part of every new smartphone and we have gathered here the top leaks about Apple’s next iPhone that every iPhone love would like knowing. Here are the leaks.

The new ultra-premium iPhone will have OLED display thus adding more to the cost. 

In 2017 Apple along with a new iPhone will release the S model of iPhone 7.

The leaks and reports claim that S models of iPhone 7 could have bigger screens.

The front surface of the new ultra-premium iPhone will be all screen, no bezels and borders at all. 

The next iPhone will be made of glass completely with an aluminium frame.

The Home Button in the next iPhone will be invisible and injected in the display.

The screen of the new iPhone in 2017 will be incredible and amazing too.

Wireless charging is being reported the major breakthrough in the next iPhone.

No headphone jack at all as Apple has already taken a very courageous step to replace EarPods with new AirPods.

The new ultra-premium iPhone is expected to cost over $1000.

The smaller models will not get the dual-lens camera just like iPhone 7 Plus.

The new laser sensors will power the facial recognition feature in premium iPhone.