Tragedy In The Hospital Elevator Which Cut The Mother In Half!! Check Out The First Image Of Mother

Facebook / Roio Cortes Nunez

Fist of all tans to the medical advancements, chances of expiry of mother’s during the birth of a child have significantly decreased, but unluckily it still happens.Birth of a child can be complicated and even when a child is successfully delivered,there can be problem that can unfortunately harm a new mother.

In this case,26 years old Rocio Cortes Nunez was terribly killed just after giving birth in a hospital accident. Until now No images of Nunez had been released.

Facebook / Roio Cortes Nunez

Nunez received a C-section operation to deliver her third child in Virgen de Valme Hospital, southern Spain when the accident happened. Hospital staff had Nunez transferred to the maternity unit on the third floor after waking up from surgery at 2:30 PM on Sunday. She was placed on a lift and her head was trapped between the frame and the roof as it started moving upward. Essentially, Nunez was ‘cut in half’ and died from the injury.

According to reports, a hospital porter had gone to change lifts after the doors had closed twice and nothing had happened, leaving Nunez inside of the original lift. As it began to move, the porter failed to pull the stretcher out in time, leaving Nunez stranded. “We still can’t believe what’s happened,” David Gaspar, Nunez’s brother-in-law said. “Something had to happen. This cannot go unpunished.”

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