Tragic Confession By A Bullied Teenager Before Committing Suicide


14 years old Sam Abel who commits suicide just because of the constant physical and emotional abuse he received at school. The bright pupil, who had told his parents he was looking forward to his exams, was bombarded with threatening text messages and snapchats, as well as being on the end of cruel pranks such as puncturing his water bottle and hiding his books.


An inquiry has heard how classmates called Sam a “Snitch” due to him confiding in his teachers, and even went as far as slashing his bike tyres due to him wearing a helmet.


On January 8, 2017 It all got too much for Sam which makes him to tragically decided to take his life by jumping off a car park in Worcester. It has been revealed that shortly before taking his life, he had sent around a text message to his friends saying: “I want to die, to prove a point.”

Mark and Anita (parents of Sam), have been left devastated by their son’s death, and said whilst they were aware of his problems with bullying, they were already discuss this matter with school that it was all under control:

“He kept a lot to himself and what he did share we acted upon. we went to schools many times and we also knew about the bullying and were told they were acting on it. He suffered in silence. You put measures in place to make sure your kids are safe but even bullied him for wearing a yellow crash helmet and jacket.”